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Trial and Error in Mathematics – “Walking the squares”

Jocelyn Monteith and I decided to start this school year in Mathematics 7 focusing specifically on the development of Mathematical Habits of Mind. According to mathematicians and educational researchers Levasseur and Cuoco (2006), it’s the mathematical habits of mind, or modes of thought, that enable us to reason about the world from a quantitative and spatial perspective, … Continue reading

When Winning is the Dominant Discourse

A hilarious post from the satirical CBC news show “This is That” made the rounds on social media late last week claiming that an Ontario Soccer Club had decided to eliminate the ball from soccer in an effort to curb competition. The article cites a pseudo spokesperson as saying: “We want our children to grow … Continue reading

Retrospect and Reinvention

Looking back, I can without a doubt acknowledge that what has emerged most significantly from my early experiences in teaching is the idea that the most important measure of my pedagogical practice is the degree to which it has persisted in evolving. I used to believe that the only alternative to structure was chaosI used … Continue reading

How To Build an Awesome Car (Engineering Thinking in Grade 4)

Traditionally, Grade 4 “Wheels, Levers and Devices that Move” units involve hands on investigations in which students have the opportunity to build something. Often however, these building opportunities are heavily regulated and have students follow a specific set of instructions, put pieces together sequentially and then showcase a collection of virtually identical products. While I can’t pretend … Continue reading

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