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iPads for Learning

At the start of our first year with a 1:1 iPad program in Grade 4, Jon Van de Raadt made a comment that resonated and has set the tone for our year. “I think you’ll find that iPads are not a junior version of the MacBook and should not be used as such. The iPad … Continue reading

Crowd Sourcing the Fourth Graders

I’ve got a novel on iPads in the grade four classroom waiting to be written. Lots of discoveries, ideas, struggles and triumphs. I just need to find the time to document it all properly. This brief gem, however, is too awesome not to share. Earlier this year, our teaching team’s excited discovery of the Edmodo app as an … Continue reading

Google just keeps killing it…

Deirdre Bailey I had a conversation with a teacher today which prompted this post. It was similar to conversations I’d had in the past about twitter, its advantages and how it has been one of the most valuable learning tools for me as I continue to inquire into teaching and learning. I find it impossible … Continue reading

Waste and Our World Movie Project

Deirdre Bailey and Amy Park Cross-posted on Calgary Science School’s Connect! Our Grade 4 classes have spent the past three months inquiring into the topic of “Waste and Our World” with the goal of developing an appreciation and understanding of their roles and responsibilities as global citizens of this environmentally fragile and increasingly endangered planet. … Continue reading

The Candy Problem

I mentioned the Candy Problem in a previous post in which I alluded to having provided the kids with a challenging math problem that even teachers had been taking a significant chunk of time to solve. We presented the problem as part of an end-of-semester formative assessment.¬†We had had many conversations previous to presenting them … Continue reading

Why Math?

To recognize the crucial features of a problem, uncover latent assumptions at play, think carefully, devise symbols/diagrams that aid such thinking, and to communicate clearly and precisely…        Sam Otten by Dan Meyer

Documenting Powerful Learning

Amy Park The process of inquiry can seem “undefinable” at times, however, through the process of documentation, it becomes clearer and more tangible – for students, teachers, and parents. This week, we spent a significant amount of time producing a documentary showing the journey students went on in developing deeper mathematical understanding. Although hours have … Continue reading

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