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My Story of Change in Education: Student Voice and Physical Space

This story was put together as part of the Canadian Education Association’s “What Standing in the Way of Change in Education” Conference in Calgary, October 21 – 22, 2013. I only remember a few specifics from my first few weeks in the classroom. I had big ideas but the execution was definitely messy. I remember … Continue reading

Re-thinking inquiry-based practice in physical education

While conventional education is often criticized for either segmenting learning into smaller pieces without ever giving kids the whole picture, or for letting kids read all about something without ever having an opportunity to engage in the process or “play the whole game” as Harvard School of Education Professor writes in his book Making Learning Whole, … Continue reading

Outside the Lines: Student Perspectives on Inquiry Learning

Sometimes it gets to me that my classroom is noisier and that my students’ work is messier. Why am I in constant negotiation with nine and ten year olds over quality, clarity, detail, what’s worth the effort and when it’s reasonable to expect to move on? Wednesday morning as I sat at my desk feeling uncertain … Continue reading

iPads for Learning

At the start of our first year with a 1:1 iPad program in Grade 4, Jon Van de Raadt made a comment that resonated and has set the tone for our year. “I think you’ll find that iPads are not a junior version of the MacBook and should not be used as such. The iPad … Continue reading

Crowd Sourcing the Fourth Graders

I’ve got a novel on iPads in the grade four classroom waiting to be written. Lots of discoveries, ideas, struggles and triumphs. I just need to find the time to document it all properly. This brief gem, however, is too awesome not to share. Earlier this year, our teaching team’s excited discovery of the Edmodo app as an … Continue reading

Learning from 9 yr olds…

Deirdre Bailey As we explore the value of collaboration and inquire into effective learning, the most valuable discovery that I have made this year is that children have a lot to share; the more I listen, the more I learn and – beautifully – the more they learn. I started the year with the expectation … Continue reading

These kids get it

Deirdre Bailey Today was amazing for a number of reasons. We finished our decomposition lab this morning. It had been an enlightening few weeks of learning what becomes of a perishable food, halved and left in the open for three weeks. Some awesome things happen to rotting fruit after it starts to smell, not least … Continue reading

Teaching Math: Knowing vs. Understanding

Deirdre Bailey Each day in this process, I get a clearer idea of what powerful learning looks like. I have started to recognize what is becoming a blatant difference between kids who ‘understand’ and kids who ‘know’. We have told them in class, we don’t want ‘parrots’. Parrots can recite anything we ask them to. … Continue reading

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