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On Light, Shadows and Experience

Co-authored by Jenna Callaghan Cross-posted on the Calgary Science School’s Connect! We began a recent investigation into Light and Shadows in Grade 4 by posing the question “What is Light?” to our students. Before beginning the conversation, we reminded students that the world is not nearly as concrete or easily-understood as over-simplified statements of “fact” might … Continue reading

How to Love a Plant

Amy Park and Deirdre Bailey Earlier this year we had a pretty cool opportunity to connect with Mount Royal University professor Dr. David Bird to co-present on Plant Growth and Changes for the Calgary Science Network. We were most eager for an opportunity to ask Dr. Bird what one one thing he wished his university … Continue reading

Google just keeps killing it…

Deirdre Bailey I had a conversation with a teacher today which prompted this post. It was similar to conversations I’d had in the past about twitter, its advantages and how it has been one of the most valuable learning tools for me as I continue to inquire into teaching and learning. I find it impossible … Continue reading

Students into Scientists

Deirdre Bailey and Amy Park Cross-posted on Calgary Science School’s Connect! It began with a conversation on how best to develop deep understanding of biological cycles. When we considered simply slicing fruit and vegetables in half and leaving them out in the open to observe the resulting changes, we never anticipated the smells, the new life, or the … Continue reading

Waste and Our World Movie Project

Deirdre Bailey and Amy Park Cross-posted on Calgary Science School’s Connect! Our Grade 4 classes have spent the past three months inquiring into the topic of “Waste and Our World” with the goal of developing an appreciation and understanding of their roles and responsibilities as global citizens of this environmentally fragile and increasingly endangered planet. … Continue reading

These kids get it

Deirdre Bailey Today was amazing for a number of reasons. We finished our decomposition lab this morning. It had been an enlightening few weeks of learning what becomes of a perishable food, halved and left in the open for three weeks. Some awesome things happen to rotting fruit after it starts to smell, not least … Continue reading

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