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Planning for Inquiry-based Physical Education

As a Phys Ed teaching team, we had a unique opportunity at the beginning of last year to reflect on our physical education program as a whole and to ask ourselves whether our approach was providing students with the best ability to develop deep understanding of a variety of curricular outcomes. We wanted to share … Continue reading

Monkeys or Mathematicians (Math is More Than Memorization)

Pedagogy trumps curriculum every time. Dylan Wiliam The recent push for a “return to basics” shift in math curriculum in Alberta is not unexpected. Our post-industrial society remains regrettably focused on relaying and assessing content over process. The deeply embedded desire to quantify student thinking for the sake of a neat, uni-dimensional continuum that claims … Continue reading

Thinking Through the Awards Debate

Every once in a while something I care a lot about comes up in the media and is massively misrepresented. It often becomes pretty difficult for me to let it go. Last Sunday’s Calgary Herald article on St. Basil’s School moving away from traditional award ceremonies allowed one voice to dominate the conversation. No perspective … Continue reading

My Story of Change in Education: Student Voice and Physical Space

This story was put together as part of the Canadian Education Association’s “What Standing in the Way of Change in Education” Conference in Calgary, October 21 – 22, 2013. I only remember a few specifics from my first few weeks in the classroom. I had big ideas but the execution was definitely messy. I remember … Continue reading

On Light, Shadows and Experience

Co-authored by Jenna Callaghan Cross-posted on the Calgary Science School’s Connect! We began a recent investigation into Light and Shadows in Grade 4 by posing the question “What is Light?” to our students. Before beginning the conversation, we reminded students that the world is not nearly as concrete or easily-understood as over-simplified statements of “fact” might … Continue reading

Random Thoughts from a Student Teacher

by Jenna CallaghanI had my first education board screening interview a few days ago. The majority of the questions were designed to gain an idea of my overall philosophy and views on teaching.  Many were “what would you do in this scenario” questions.  In the final months of my Bachelor of Education, I feel confident that … Continue reading


I’ve got a turtle in my classroom. She’s 25 years old and will outlive me. She likes to climb things, even though she’s not built for it. She falls a lot but it never stops her. Once, earlier in her life, someone tried to drill a hole in her shell, maybe to flag her so … Continue reading

It’s Hard

It’s easy to want something. And of course we want it handed to us. I’d often prefer to look at it from afar, talk about it hypothetically as though I know, or copy someone else’s version. Sometimes we even try to buy whatever it is as though purchasing is possession. But in the end it’s only … Continue reading

Work that is Real

Just over a week ago today, Chris Lehmann concluded a conversation at #Educon with a question that struck me as really important: What else will change if our pedagogy becomes more inquiry-driven… if it is authentic, does it live only in the classroom?  The answer is no; but it’s also not that simple which might be … Continue reading

Fire Building With 9 Year Olds

Deirdre Bailey “The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across … Continue reading

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