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Monkeys or Mathematicians (Math is More Than Memorization)

Pedagogy trumps curriculum every time. Dylan Wiliam The recent push for a “return to basics” shift in math curriculum in Alberta is not unexpected. Our post-industrial society remains regrettably focused on relaying and assessing content over process. The deeply embedded desire to quantify student thinking for the sake of a neat, uni-dimensional continuum that claims … Continue reading

Mentorship and Collaboration in Student Teaching: A Video Reflection

Co-authored by Jenna Callaghan  Cross-posted on the Calgary Science School’s Connect! Deirdre  Working with a student teacher these past few months has been an exciting and rewarding experience. From our first meeting, it was evident that Jenna and I shared a similar pedagogical philosophy; with a strong focus on reflection and discipline-based inquiry. Jenna’s early ideas and … Continue reading

Teaching as the Practice of Wisdom

Deirdre Bailey What follows is not a typical teacher learning plan. All my previous attempts have taken the form of New Year’s Resolution type finite lists with a very fixed outline and implied expectation of “pass or fail”. I reluctantly admit I don’t have a great track record with these types of goals. I have … Continue reading

Day 30 – A Reflection

Amy Park And just like that, 30 days have come and gone.  Our first PD challenge is complete and although the process of doing something everyday for 30 days was extremely beneficial, it’s in the reflection that we are truly able to understand and appreciate what we have learned along the way. Analyzing and questioning … Continue reading

Our 30 Day Challenge

Deirdre Bailey and Amy Park As teachers we regularly attend and participate in various professional learning opportunities. Great ideas are presented, teachers feel inspired, and yet more often than not, come Monday, nothing changes.  Reasons for this might include lack of support for effective implementation or insufficient documentation providing evidence of how proposed changes will, … Continue reading

Documenting Powerful Learning

Amy Park The process of inquiry can seem “undefinable” at times, however, through the process of documentation, it becomes clearer and more tangible – for students, teachers, and parents. This week, we spent a significant amount of time producing a documentary showing the journey students went on in developing deeper mathematical understanding. Although hours have … Continue reading

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