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Inuit Games in Physical Education

The inclusion of Inuit Games in our Physical Education program began four years ago with the simple idea of introducing students to some less conventional sports and helping them connect physical activity to community and culture. Our goal was to design a unit that would coincide with our school’s Peace Festival; a two week long … Continue reading

Planning for Inquiry-based Physical Education

As a Phys Ed teaching team, we had a unique opportunity at the beginning of last year to reflect on our physical education program as a whole and to ask ourselves whether our approach was providing students with the best ability to develop deep understanding of a variety of curricular outcomes. We wanted to share … Continue reading

Re-thinking inquiry-based practice in physical education

While conventional education is often criticized for either segmenting learning into smaller pieces without ever giving kids the whole picture, or forĀ letting kids read all about something without ever having an opportunity to engage in the process or “play the whole game” as Harvard School of Education Professor writes in his book Making Learning Whole, … Continue reading

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