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The Button Problem (A Glimpse into our Approach to Discipline-Based Inquiry in Math)

Deirdre Bailey with Jocelyn Monteith The Alberta Math Curriculum is extensive, and for the sake of organization and accessibility it is structured in a very linear, segmented format. Considering how we might connect key skills and concepts with the broader discipline of mathematics in ways that engage diverse groups of learners and breathe life into the … Continue reading

Make Math Memorable (A response)

I’ve had the opportunity to engage in further conversation about math education with Dr. Robert Craigen, Assoc. Math Professor and co-founder of WISE Math. My response to Dr. Craigen’s most recent comment wouldn’t fit in comments so I’ve included it, along with the initial response, here. Thanks for your reply, Deirdre; I look forward to … Continue reading

Monkeys or Mathematicians (Math is More Than Memorization)

Pedagogy trumps curriculum every time. Dylan Wiliam The recent push for a “return to basics” shift in math curriculum in Alberta is not unexpected. Our post-industrial society remains regrettably focused on relaying and assessing content over process. The deeply embedded desire to quantify student thinking for the sake of a neat, uni-dimensional continuum that claims … Continue reading

My Story of Change in Education: Student Voice and Physical Space

This story was put together as part of the Canadian Education Association’s “What Standing in the Way of Change in Education” Conference in Calgary, October 21 – 22, 2013. I only remember a few specifics from my first few weeks in the classroom. I had big ideas but the execution was definitely messy. I remember … Continue reading

On Light, Shadows and Experience

Co-authored by Jenna Callaghan Cross-posted on the Calgary Science School’s Connect! We began a recent investigation into Light and Shadows in Grade 4 by posing the question “What is Light?” to our students. Before beginning the conversation, we reminded students that the world is not nearly as concrete or easily-understood as over-simplified statements of “fact” might … Continue reading

iPads for Learning

At the start of our first year with a 1:1 iPad program in Grade 4, Jon Van de Raadt made a comment that resonated and has set the tone for our year. “I think you’ll find that iPads are not a junior version of the MacBook and should not be used as such. The iPad … Continue reading

How to Love a Plant

Amy Park and Deirdre Bailey Earlier this year we had a pretty cool opportunity to connect with Mount Royal University professor Dr. David Bird to co-present on Plant Growth and Changes for the Calgary Science Network. We were most eager for an opportunity to ask Dr. Bird what one one thing he wished his university … Continue reading

Math is beautiful

Deirdre Bailey It has been a bit of a battle this year to convince our students that mathematics is not disconnected. They seemed to arrive in our classroom at 9 years old with the conviction that the discipline exists sequentially, layered based on varying degrees of difficulty, some of which will remain inaccessible to the … Continue reading

Google just keeps killing it…

Deirdre Bailey I had a conversation with a teacher today which prompted this post. It was similar to conversations I’d had in the past about twitter, its advantages and how it has been one of the most valuable learning tools for me as I continue to inquire into teaching and learning. I find it impossible … Continue reading

Students into Scientists

Deirdre Bailey and Amy Park Cross-posted on Calgary Science School’s Connect! It began with a conversation on how best to develop deep understanding of biological cycles. When we considered simply slicing fruit and vegetables in half and leaving them out in the open to observe the resulting changes, we never anticipated the smells, the new life, or the … Continue reading

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