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Thinking Through the Awards Debate

Every once in a while something I care a lot about comes up in the media and is massively misrepresented. It often becomes pretty difficult for me to let it go. Last Sunday’s Calgary Herald article on St. Basil’s School moving away from traditional award ceremonies allowed one voice to dominate the conversation. No perspective … Continue reading

Kindness – A Recurring Theme

Every once in awhile all the pockets of spark that I come across intersect and whether it’s true or not it really feels like the universe is pulling together to communicate something important. Today I had to write about it. The trigger was an impromptu conversation with my student teacher about how sometimes, teaching core … Continue reading


I’ve got a turtle in my classroom. She’s 25 years old and will outlive me. She likes to climb things, even though she’s not built for it. She falls a lot but it never stops her. Once, earlier in her life, someone tried to drill a hole in her shell, maybe to flag her so … Continue reading

Work that is Real

Just over a week ago today, Chris Lehmann concluded a conversation at #Educon with a question that struck me as really important: What else will change if our pedagogy becomes more inquiry-driven… if it is authentic, does it live only in the classroom?  The answer is no; but it’s also not that simple which might be … Continue reading

Memories: A mash-up

Deirdre Bailey I would like to begin with the acknowledgement that none of what I am about to share is at all ‘original’ in the true sense of the word. As I have progressed on this journey attempting to make meaning of what I read and experience, the best I can come up with at … Continue reading

A symptom

Deirdre Bailey A child gets a zero. This is sad statement no matter the story. They’re failing. They’re fighting the system. They’re lazy. They’re disengaged. They’re “entitled”. They “don’t care”. They’re crying for attention. I have no idea of the specifics surrounding the situation in Edmonton and while I have been reflecting on the possibilities … Continue reading

First Attempts In Learning

Deirdre Bailey I used to think exclusively in black and white. I have a sincere appreciation for the clear-cut, precise and absolute and have argued that those who are not 100% sure of their accuracy should not be entitled to an opinion. I have spent most of my life infuriated by indecisiveness and I cringe to … Continue reading

This is how it’s supposed to feel…

Deirdre Bailey The start to my day today was hectic at best. Snowy roads, a forgotten laptop and a first class full of glue and tissue paper. I asked the kids if they could do their best to be purposeful and respectful as they shredded piles of paper and painted white glue onto massive provincial … Continue reading

Permanent State of Re-Invention

I turn around and look at the teacher I was in August and my perspectives have changed so dramatically that I have some difficulty remembering exactly what it felt like ‘before’. I remember sitting down to plan with Amy Park in August and being confused about how to allow for openness in learning while restricting inquiry to the … Continue reading

We’re making this collaborative

Because two minds are better than one. Especially two inspired ones with uniquely creative ideas on how to revolutionize education 100 kids at a time… Introducing Amy Park!

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