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Mentorship and Collaboration in Student Teaching: A Video Reflection

Co-authored by Jenna Callaghan  Cross-posted on the Calgary Science School’s Connect! Deirdre  Working with a student teacher these past few months has been an exciting and rewarding experience. From our first meeting, it was evident that Jenna and I shared a similar pedagogical philosophy; with a strong focus on reflection and discipline-based inquiry. Jenna’s early ideas and … Continue reading

Community of Practice

Amy ParkAs the school year began, I was excited not only to be teaching at CSS again and teaching a new grade, but to wear the moniker “mentor.” I thought, albeit naively, that I had a great deal to offer my new teaching partner, who with just one year under her belt was considered a … Continue reading

To all the leaders in the crowd…

Deirdre Bailey The topics of ‘leadership’, ‘mentorship’ and ‘coaching’ have come up frequently in recent conversations, often related to experienced and extraordinary teachers helping other teachers to become better. I am that ‘new’ teacher; a prime candidate for improvement, the perfect example of inexperience. At the start of this year (3 months ago), I had … Continue reading

We’re making this collaborative

Because two minds are better than one. Especially two inspired ones with uniquely creative ideas on how to revolutionize education 100 kids at a time… Introducing Amy Park!

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