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Thinking Through the Awards Debate

Every once in a while something I care a lot about comes up in the media and is massively misrepresented. It often becomes pretty difficult for me to let it go. Last Sunday’s Calgary Herald article on St. Basil’s School moving away from traditional award ceremonies allowed one voice to dominate the conversation. No perspective … Continue reading

A symptom

Deirdre Bailey A child gets a zero. This is sad statement no matter the story. They’re failing. They’re fighting the system. They’re lazy. They’re disengaged. They’re “entitled”. They “don’t care”. They’re crying for attention. I have no idea of the specifics surrounding the situation in Edmonton and while I have been reflecting on the possibilities … Continue reading

The future belongs to those who can see past the number…

Deirdre Bailey Report cards equal debate. So should anything that requires reflecting hundreds of hours worth of conversation, research, invention and developing ability in a number. Imagine asking a parent to describe (or rate?) their child with one number. Wouldn’t it depend on the day?… On their activity? On their level of interest? On the … Continue reading

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