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How to Love a Plant

Amy Park and Deirdre Bailey Earlier this year we had a pretty cool opportunity to connect with Mount Royal University professor Dr. David Bird to co-present on Plant Growth and Changes for the Calgary Science Network. We were most eager for an opportunity to ask Dr. Bird what one one thing he wished his university … Continue reading

Day 30 – A Reflection

Amy Park And just like that, 30 days have come and gone.  Our first PD challenge is complete and although the process of doing something everyday for 30 days was extremely beneficial, it’s in the reflection that we are truly able to understand and appreciate what we have learned along the way. Analyzing and questioning … Continue reading

Our 30 Day Challenge

Deirdre Bailey and Amy Park As teachers we regularly attend and participate in various professional learning opportunities. Great ideas are presented, teachers feel inspired, and yet more often than not, come Monday, nothing changes.  Reasons for this might include lack of support for effective implementation or insufficient documentation providing evidence of how proposed changes will, … Continue reading


Amy Park Inquiry takes time.  This has been a recurring theme, and one we have discussed at length, in our math/science class over the past few months.  If we want students to become proficient in any aspect of their learning, or life for that matter, we must give them time.  Time to wrestle with challenging … Continue reading

Students into Scientists

Deirdre Bailey and Amy Park Cross-posted on Calgary Science School’s Connect! It began with a conversation on how best to develop deep understanding of biological cycles. When we considered simply slicing fruit and vegetables in half and leaving them out in the open to observe the resulting changes, we never anticipated the smells, the new life, or the … Continue reading

Waste and Our World Movie Project

Deirdre Bailey and Amy Park Cross-posted on Calgary Science School’s Connect! Our Grade 4 classes have spent the past three months inquiring into the topic of “Waste and Our World” with the goal of developing an appreciation and understanding of their roles and responsibilities as global citizens of this environmentally fragile and increasingly endangered planet. … Continue reading

The Candy Problem

I mentioned the Candy Problem in a previous post in which I alluded to having provided the kids with a challenging math problem that even teachers had been taking a significant chunk of time to solve. We presented the problem as part of an end-of-semester formative assessment. We had had many conversations previous to presenting them … Continue reading

Community of Practice

Amy ParkAs the school year began, I was excited not only to be teaching at CSS again and teaching a new grade, but to wear the moniker “mentor.” I thought, albeit naively, that I had a great deal to offer my new teaching partner, who with just one year under her belt was considered a … Continue reading

Documenting Powerful Learning

Amy Park The process of inquiry can seem “undefinable” at times, however, through the process of documentation, it becomes clearer and more tangible – for students, teachers, and parents. This week, we spent a significant amount of time producing a documentary showing the journey students went on in developing deeper mathematical understanding. Although hours have … Continue reading


Amy Park Wow, we have had two days of powerful math happening in our classes. As per our last discussion, we gave each student a 100s chart. We began by asking students to colour in all of the multiples of one. To our surprise…most kids had no idea what we were talking about. In fact, … Continue reading

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